Makes Total Sense

Makes sense1

Watching Trump lie is an interesting thing.  Because he’s not good at it.  Especially when it comes to things that where he has to come at it from multiple angles.  If you want a good example of it, look no further than his most recent interview with Fox News (or as S.E. Cupp called in on a CNN, his “infomercial”).  Watching him explain why he’s not responsible for the commission of crimes gets almost uncomfortable as he can’t seem to find an avenue to lie that doesn’t force him to almost immediately backtrack and try to move forward.  He starts off by trying to claim that he’s not involved with the tabloid that paid off Karen McDougal, but if he was, he didn’t know or didn’t authorize it.  But then even if that isn’t the case, what happened wasn’t a campaign finance violation.  But if it was a campaign finance violation, than it was Michael Cohen’s fault, not his.   But even if it is his fault, why is it a big deal, because Obama did it.  But if you don’t believe ANY of that (which you obviously shouldn’t, because literally not a word of it is true), then it’s all fine anyway because all (read: very few) campaign finance lawyers agree that he didn’t do anything wrong.  It remarkable to watch in the moment, him caveating each lie with another, trying to hedge his bets, but the problem then becomes that each subsequent lie weakens the previous one, making the whole shebang a weird incoherent mess.  At a certain point, Trump might just want to invoke his right to remain silent…

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