Master Dealmaker

Tough Negotiator1

So, Trump basically sh*t the negotiating bed with the DACA negotiations.  Trump asked for $18 billion dollars for his wall, Sen. Diane Feinstein came back asking for “clean DACA” bill, Trump didn’t know what that meant, and just agreed to it, like a true negotiator. Gotta love his tough stance on the issues.


The Great Mediator

The Great Mediator1

It’s weird to me that Dennis Rodman has obtained a weird level of cultural relevancy as a voice of someone who can claim to know both Trump and Kim Jong Un. That he can claim a level of insight that lots of people, powerful people, legit don’t have.  It might be the biggest indicator that we are living in an alternate reality or perhaps the Matrix.  I just think it’s weird that one could make an argument that the best mediator between a Trump and Kim meeting would be Dennis Rodman, and not be immediately laughed out of the room.

The Definition of Climate Change

Climate Change1

So, over the weekend, Trump at this point pretty infamously tweeted about the weather, and his obvious confusion between that and climate change.  The distinction is one a kid in the 3rd grade can make, but apparently Trump, in his Ivy League schools, wasn’t taught that.

Mike Huckabee’s Astute Comparison

Similar greatness1

Mike Huckabee made some very broad and terribly debatable comparisons between Winston Churchill and Donald Trump.  Winston Churchill was a soldier, a statesman, an orator and cared deeply about his country.  Some might question whether being unpopular would be enough to make them comparable.