Health Expert

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I keep expecting to at some point stop being surprised by the stupid, obviously fake crazy lies that Donald Trump tells.  I also keep hoping that at some point, his supporters will hear this insanity and realize he’s braindamaged.  Then he says like “windmills cause cancer” and his base just jumps on board and I lose a little bit of hope for humanity.  I mean, he seriously suggested that the sounds of windmill cause cancer.  Can we just let that digest for a moment? No study or evidence of any kind to back it up.  Just a fun generic “they say” to preface it.  I mean, who is “they”?!  I don’t know what else to say.

Complex Planes

complex planes1

When is the nation going to collectively decide that Donald Trump just isn’t nearly as smart as he says he is.  Beyond calling his own administration’s climate findings “fake science” based on literally nothing, Donald Trump has now decided he’s an expert on airplanes and piloting.  He’s now suggesting that planes are becoming too complex for trained pilots to fly.  This notion is based on…what exactly?  No one is exactly sure, but make no mistake, that’s what he expects you to believe.  I mean, this is just lunacy.  Absolute lunacy.

Divine Warning

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Listen, I know it’s not uncommon for people to have Presidents of the United States sign their Bibles.  And I know that according to Trump, the Bible is like his favorite book (which, is kind of a weird statement. I mean, which version? Which translation?) Frankly, I’m feel like it’s a dubious claim on whether he’s read ANY part of ANY Bible, much less have it be his favorite book, but even if we’re taking it at face value…I mean doesn’t it just feel wrong to have HIS signature in the Bible?  Even diehard Evangelicals who support Trump politically defend their support of him by saying they don’t endorse him on a personal level, just his politics (which is a ludicrous claim, but hey, I’m not the one making it).  The man is an admitted sexual predator, a liar, a cheater (and I don’t mean adulterer, although he’s that too), an idolater, and…I mean there is a public record of the man breaking literally every one of the 10 Commandments.  I feel like having his signature gracing your Holy Bible doesn’t make the book more useful.  I dunno.  It’s weird.

Fruitful Testimony

Impending Cooperation 1

The House Judiciary Committee has subpoenaed 81 individuals and entities associated with Donald Trump, his campaign, and just his general orbit.  And boy, I really don’t expect that to yield much, especially if the Michael Cohen testimony was any indication.  I mean, Cohen WANTED to testify.  He wanted to put things on the table, and volunteered whatever information he could between being called a liar and a criminal.  I can’t even imagine what things are going to look like with all the people who don’t want to be there.  And there will be plenty.  Among the people who got subpoenaed, who really gives you an idea of what these testimonies could end up looking like is Sean Spicer.  He’s already started on the snark, with his passive aggressive suggestion that he fully intends to cooperate but suggests there isn’t anything interesting to unearth.  In his case, that might be true, seeing as I don’t think Donald Trump really respected Spicer enough to tell him anything, but I still think Spicer knows a lot of things that he’s going to end trying to avoid speaking about to Congress.  And while he may not end up utilizing the 5th amendment, his testimony will probably feel like he is.

Crazy Politics

going crazy1

You might be forgiven for thinking the big Conservative Union CPAC conference that took place over the weekend was actually an art installation that was mean to be satire rather than an actual political convention where actual ideas were discussed.  Mostly because it featured a bunch of hyper conservative politicians go on schizophrenic and delusional rants that discuss, mostly how crazy the democrats have become.  Ted Cruz actually used the term “bat crap crazy”, meanwhile Donald Trump is busy groping the stars and stripes and talking about how all the stuff he’s getting done but not really.  It was weird.  If this convention was supposed to mobilize Republican donors and really engage confidence for 2020, I don’t know how successful it was.  Because while most the people there might be ideologically misguided, I don’t think most of them are deaf and blind to how the perception of the Republican party has shifted, especially since the midterms.

A Masterclass on Negotiation

master dealmaking1

So last Wednesday was a weird one.  Without even getting into the insanity and outright Republican trainwreck which was the Michael Cohen hearing, Donald Trump also went to Hanoi, Vietnam to hang out with his buddy Kim Jon Un and did…nothing.  Like, not a damn thing.  Which is weird.  Like, don’t get me wrong, Trump’s incompetence is foregone, but it seems like Trump’s negotiation team, lead by Mike Pompeo had already hammered out a few small things, including a possible declaration that the Korean War was over (I mean, it’s technically been a cold was since the 50s), which might very well have cinched up that Nobel Peace Prize Trump has been coveting, but in a wild turn of events, Trump pulled an about face and walked away from negotiations before doing ANYTHING.  I know Trump supporters are saying some dumb thing about good deal making allowing for the possibility of walking away at any time, and I suppose there is something to that, but part of that you walking away with the most leverage.  And while North Korea would LIKE to have their sanctions eased, they clearly don’t NEED it. They’ve been dealing with crazy sanctions on some level or another for a couple of decades now, ever since we found out about the severe human rights violations that are the way of life for North Korean citizens.  So what was the point of this summit at this point?  It was just a colossal waste of time and money, which is really going to end up being the tagline of this administration.

Evasive Actions

Evasive Actions1

It’s likely you’ve heard recently about Christopher Paul Hasson, a Coast Guard Lieutenant and a certifiable nutjob.  The guy was arrested and caught planning a full scale killing spree.  And his hit list was basically Donald Trump’s s*** list.  It included basically every politician, pundit and academic who has made a name for themselves in recent years by standing against the guy.  That’s not to say that Hasson was just a die hard Trump fanatic wanting to protect his President.  More like Hasson was a fervent consumer of the fanatical Kool-Aid that Trump has cultivated his ideology around.  So after days of silence surrounding the breaking of this news, Trump finally chose to speak on the incident.  Not by condemning the actions and any who would act on such ambitions.  Instead he just through out a few useless platitudes like “it’s a shame” and then refused to accept any kind of responsibility for how his rhetoric might have empowered someone like Hasson.  In fact, he didn’t even ACTUALLY condemn the man or his plans.  Again, he just vaguely talked about how much of a “shame” it all is.  A shame WHAT is?  Hasson’s actions? The environment that allowed that rhetoric to fester?  The fact that he didn’t succeed?  What?  Instead, Trump evades any kind of direct denunciation of people who might think like Hasson, because as he well knows, he still has a second term to win.

Displaying Sensitivity

Black History Month1

I’m not gonna lie, I watched Donald Trump’s Black History Month speech with a hint of both trepidation and excitement that he would manage to unwittingly say unapologetically tone deaf and/or racist.  Fortunately (for him), he stuck to whatever script he was given.  He didn’t meander or go of the rails on a tangent.  He did bring up Black Unemployment again, which is a statement that is, at best, context sensitive, but he avoided a lot of his natural urges to campaign (mostly) and avoided basically all hot button topics.  In retrospect, it was boring.  On a slow news day, it’s always a bummer when Trump doesn’t speak his mind and give us all a little dose of the crazy.  That sounds self destructive, but that sounds about right when the whole country seems to be losing it’s mind.