The Politics of Being Political

For me, when I made the decision that I was an artist, and that I was going to define myself as such, I very quickly realized that it was important for me to have something to say.  If not necessarily some grand message, than a communicable point of view.  Something WORTH saying.

When I initially started Mind the Exit, I thought I could do that with middling political commentary that didn’t really take sides, but just acknowledge the broad absurdity of it all while sitting on the fence.  I realized quickly that I wasn’t really saying anything at that point, so I decided to switch gears.

So I introduced the characters that would become Jake and Steven.  And over the course of the last year, I’ve been trying to use them to make silly jokes about my observations, and use them to learn how to craft a joke, to create a visual narrative, to refine my brush stroke and learn a few new tricks.  Basically to build a toolbox, while hopefully getting comfortable and confident to say things in an articulate way.  I initially very specifically kept away from political statements, and really anything that would somehow build walls that would separate me from people who would see my work.

Over the last few months, I’ve found myself revising that sentiment.  Admittedly I was kind of pushed into that re-evaluation, but it’s one I needed to start thinking about.  Because as it turns out, the 21st century is built on perpetually streaming narratives that we can’t avoid if we want to participate the world.

So today, I made a strip that is overtly political, as I did a couple weeks back.  Because in the wake of the events in Charlottesville and everything happening as a result, it’s hard not to ruminate on the things that make us baffled, sad, and angry.

Mind the Exit will never be defined by politics.  I’m not a cynical enough person to make that leap.  But if something is itching at me, I’m going to be less afraid to express that through the site.  I am still searching to find my voice, but I’m not going to hold back when I have something to say.

Thanks, as always, for visiting my site.  Please, continue to reach out, tell me how you feel, leave comments, give me feedback, and suggestions.  They are always welcome and appreciated.

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Let’s Interact!


If you have been keeping up with the site, or you’re brand new, welcome! I really would like to start making a push towards more interaction between myself and you, the people who take the time to read my stuff.

I’m here to make the stuff you wanna engage with, and I want to talk with you and find out where your hearts and minds are at!  I’m going to make an active effort to be more open, and in that, if you have questions, feel free to leave comments on my page.  You can leave comments on any of the strips, on posts like this, or you can tweet at me or follow me on Facebook.  Links to Facebook and Twitter are on the side of the page.

I’m closing in on the first anniversary of Mind the Exit, and I really wanna continue to grow and I need you, the good readers to help me do that.  So lets chat.  Again, please, follow me on Facebook and Twitter, and please, if you like a strip that I did, tell me about it, and show it to someone else.  Spread the word.  The more people who see my stuff, the more I can develop this and make it into something even better.

Thank you for helping me do a year of Mind the Exit,

Barry Rodgers

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Holiday Trip

So, just a heads up, I’m not necessarily going to be keeping to my regular schedule over the next few weeks.  I imagine things won’t be too off kilter, but I will be spending the holidays with my family, so my output will probably be lightly effected.


Explanation for the Story Break

So, if you’re one of the people following along, you’ll obviously realize that this is not the climax of the arc I’ve been working on the past week. Don’t worry, that strip is coming, but I decided to make an early jump onto the next arc, and I thought the few of you who read this everyday, you deserved an explanation.
Unlike normal comic books, where you script out the whole thing, strips tend to be more in the moment. At my best, I have strips planned a few days ahead of time, and sometimes, I’m coming up with a premise on the day. And while I’ve had a general idea for where I had wanted Comic Con arc to end, I found myself deciding that I wasn’t satisfied in the direction the last couple strips in the arc were going. This story has gone on a week so far, and with it nearing an end, I want it to be at it’s strongest when we hit the conclusion. So I decided to scrap a few hours of work and start with a new arc, so I’d have the weekend to rework the ending.
Anyway, I have some pretty solid ideas for the next couple weeks. Also, some time this weekend, you can expect me to drop a onesheet poster, colored and clarifying important things, like character names. Thanks everyone!

New Friends!

comic-promotion1I would like to take an opportunity to plug a couple of friends I made at NYCC. Their work is just incredible, and they deserve every bit of promotion they can get.
First is Peter Shevenell and his comic Blastola
It’s insightful and funny and it’s a unique take on Superheroes.
And then there is Kyle Rose doing a comic called the Working Stiff.
It’s a great zombie inspired comedy, and I just love the heck out of it! Please, check out their work and spread the word. These guys are amazing!
I will link them both at the bottom of the page as well.

A New Start

So, the site has been active for almost a month now, and I’ve been getting good feedback on improving.  One of the things I’ve decided to do is broaden the focus of the strip.  I’ll still cover current events when the idea hits me, but I’ve also decide to move into less political territory.  This is still a work in progress, and I’m still trying to refine the way I do things, and up the quality.  As always, I welcome suggestions and constructive criticism.

Thank you for coming to my site, and for all the support thus far!


Welcome to Mind the Exit!

Welcome to my new webcomic.  Mind the Exit will mostly feature comics covering topical and current events, but finding my voice may take me in different directions, so we’ll see where the road takes us! Please enjoy!