A Reminder: The Truth is Important

So, Donald Trump went on Television on Tuesday and said “I have a gut, and my gut tells me more sometimes than anybody else’s brain can ever tell me.”  Doctor1

This statement is amazing, both in its audacity, and its perfect encapsulation of this sentiment, this notion that I want to speak to.  The idea that Feelings are more important than Facts.  I feel like I shouldn’t have to point out how backwards this idea is, but let’s explore it for a moment.

First the idea of feelings of comfort trumping the acceptance of truth.  Obviously, feeling discomfort should never disqualify the truth.  All you’re ever doing is delaying the onset of discomfort, sometimes to a cascading effect.

But more importantly, the idea of feelings in terms of people’s “gut”, their sense of instinct of intuition. Instinct and intuition are great if you want to avoid a bear in the woods.  It’s less so when it comes to understanding climate change.  Our intuition wasn’t built to detect the differences in environmental settings.  People have agendas, and can lie. Data is neutral, and can’t. And while scientists may have an agenda of protecting the planet, it’s hard to fault them for it.

Don’t let people who lie bold faced with regularity fool you into thinking that their opinion is more valid that the facts.  That is never true, and it does nothing to make America great.

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