Support Me on Patreon!

Hello folks!

I am now have an active Patreon page, and I would love to see you there!

More than just acting as a platform to donate, I’m working to make the experience with my audience more interactive. patreon trans

Even $1 per month would mean so much to me, but for those willing to jump even farther into the rabbit hole, your voice will count in how my art gets done.  Moving up a tier IMMEDIATELY gets you access to behind the scenes content, including strips days before their release, wherein you can give me input to maybe make the content stronger, and credit for suggestions taken.  A tier higher and you could secure your place as a character in the strip, and going even higher, you’ll have access to art EXCLUSIVE to Patreon and the option to request illustrations you’d like to see me tackle.

So please, engage with me on Patreon!  The link can be found right HERE as well on the right side of the page—>

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