Public Health Emergency

Public Health emergency1

The Florida House of Representatives has declared Pornography a health risk.  The bill, which was voted on and passed, took precedence over state gun control legislation, which some might argue, is a bit more urgent in light of recent events.  But no, the Florida legislature might be going to war with porn, which is, if nothing else, entertaining.


A Bigly Endorsement


Trump endorsed Mitt Romney for his Senate bid…and I have to wonder how Romney feels about that.  I can’t imagine that Trump has suddenly become self aware, and I think he genuinely thinks that he’s maybe helping Romney.  But it’s still odd, considering how often and how fervently Romney has spoken out against Trump and his policies.  But back to Romney, I wonder if he’s going to distance himself from that endorsement or run with it.  I know he officially thanked Trump, but even in his thank you, it seemed like he was quick to pivot back away from him.  So who knows?  It will be interesting to watch though.

Buzzkill Bill

bill gates1

Bill Gates was on Fareed Zakaria on Sunday, saying, for probably the hundredth time, that he thinks people in his position need to be paying higher taxes.  He also talked about how the new tax bill is regressive, and how people with wealth are just getting more benefits from the system.  Basically, he’s the rich guy pooing in the punch bowl.  I can only imagine how much it must drive Trump nuts that not only is Bill Gates just orders of magnitude more wealthy than him, but that he’s better liked, and has no compunction about giving the wealthy few the business.

National Moment of Reflection

Moment of Reflection1

Trump is now using a national tragedy and utter failure in addressing policy, to trash the investigation into Russia.  He’s claiming that because the FBI was busy investigating Russia, they somehow missed out on preventing the school shooting in Florida.  Beyond being an utterly disgusting way to shift the conversation away from his own misdeeds, it thoroughly, willfully disregards a lot of things, namely that the ENTIRE of the FBI, including the FBI agents in Florida, were focused on the Russia investigation, as opposed to a relatively small team lead by Robert Mueller.

Info War Crimes

Info Wars1

So, the Obama Presidential portrait has been, weirdly, alarmingly controversial.  But it’s also become the subject of arguably the weirdest, most disgusting conspiracy theory.  It’s so weird and gross that Sean Hannity realized it was probably too much and deleted his posts about it.  But Alex Jones and Info Wars wasn’t deterred.  No, they are convinced that Obama was painted with sperm on his face, and it’s part of some grand, degenerate conspiracy.  Alex Jones can say this, and people still take him seriously.  The world is a surprising place.

Trump’s Lawyer Takes the Heat

Truth about payments1

Trump’s Attorney, Michael Cohen is alleging that he paid Pornstar Stormy Daniels, $130,000, out of his own pocket, and that Donald Trump had nothing to do with it, and that he was not repaid or reimbursed in anyway for it.  And you know what? I can totally believe that.  Trump not paying people he employs sounds very much like a tact right out of the Donald Trump playbook.

Food Assistance

Healthy Eating1

So, Trump wants to give people food boxes instead of food stamps.  Beyond the logistical nightmare of implementing this idea, it is shortsighted in a number of ways, presupposing that everyone who receives these benefits have the luxury of working kitchens and taking away the element of choice.  Though the argument against choice is the healthier options the program would be handing out, as opposed to the more economically minded people who forgo healthier items for stretching their dollars out and getting the most use out of the money they have.  But at the end of the day, isn’t it a little absurd that Donald Trump is attempting to regulate the healthiness of anyone’s meals?

Trump’s Secret Weapon

Secret Weapon1

With the numbers finally out for Trump’s proposed budget, a lot of news agencies and senators on Twitter are again taking a look back at Trump’s campaign promises.  He claimed that under him, the country would never run a $400 billion deficit.  He claimed that he was the only GOP candidate who was saying absolutely no cuts to Medicaid.  And yet we’re on course to over double the deficit number he complained about, and of course his proposed budget seeks to slash the numbers on Medicaid by a cool $250 billion.  What I’m curious about was how much of those claims were lies that he knew he was telling at the time, or just claims made of sheer ignorance of how governments work.  Because that’s the thing at this point; maliciousness and stupidity are both valid accusations to make.  And if it is just sheer ignorance, one might wonder how that plays into things going forward…

The Clean-Up Crew

Clean-Up Crew1

Trump’s strategy of backing up the wrong side of history, which has been surprisingly successful, thus far, will eventually fail him if he finds himself offending a position even his base holds.  I don’t know if that’s going to be the #MeToo movement or it’s like, but his aides are certainly working extra hard to clean up after him following his infamous “due process” tweet.  It’s at times like these that I imagine the stress and heartburn that job must entail.  The job of wrangling Trump would age a person more than being President would any other person other than Trump.

North Korea’s Cunning Charade

North Korean Plan1

North Korea has really been using the Winter Olympics as a good stage to show a softer, gentler side of fascism.  Their propaganda department has been doing an expert job of getting Kim Yo-Jong, the sister of Kim Jong Un, some favorable spotlight, with some really well staged opportunities in South Korea.  I know that this is part of a careful, and calculated plot to gain more favorable relations with the countries sanctioning the heck out of them right now, but I kind of humorously imagine that this might rankle Un a little bit, that his little sister is so much more well like than he is.