I think I spend an unhealthy amount of time trying to understand Donald Trump and his logic.  Because I feel like he has to operate on some kind of notion for how the world works.  So I watch his speeches, and see how he reacts to events over Twitter and let me tell you…I’m no closer to figuring it out then I was 2 years ago.  Take for instance his reactions to what should for him be bad news.  You see, on days where not much happens in the news, Trump will go on these long rants about how unfair the investigation is, how it’s a witch hunt.  How everyone but him is a liar, and how he’s absolutely innocent of everything.  Then, on days like last Friday, where these big leaps in the investigation get revealed, instead of again playing the defensive, he’ll insist that Mueller has somehow vindicated him.  Let me assure everyone, Mueller’s investigation has lead to the Department of Justice to say, on the record, that it presumes Donald Trump engaged in criminal behavior.  That’s official.  And that’s about a million miles away from “vindication”.  I would almost call it gaslighting if it wasn’t so backwards and obvious.  Even if you like Trump, and think everyone but Trump is a liar, you would have to find it impossible to suggest he was absolved of ANYTHING.  I dunno.  If it turns out that Trump is just trying to actually drive us all crazy, then maybe he’s more clever than I give him credit for.

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