Stranger Than Fiction

Stranger Than Fiction1

This last Tuesday was one of those days where if you were paying attention to the news, you might be mistaken in your assumption that we now live in a bad 90s sitcom.  Stupid events of note, Donald Trump and the Democratic heads of Congress got into a shouting match in the oval office and made fun of each other.  The snark was so real and palpable that I couldn’t help but cringe.  Meanwhile, down the street, The CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai was forced to explain that they didn’t make iPhones, and had to explain that, unfortunately, when Googling the word “idiot”, the fact that pictures of the current POTUS pop up wasn’t the result of a liberal bias, but a viable search conclusion.  By the by, both events were punctuated by lots of people laughing at inopportune moments, meaning the news literally had a laugh track today.  So I take that back. Maybe we are living in a bad 90s sitcom…

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