Congressional Homework

last minute homework1

The confirmation hearing for Brett Kavanaugh as the newest Justice of the Supreme Court started on Tuesday morning.  And, I think as most people expected, it was a rather raucous affair.  Protestors were abound, desperately trying to throw a wrench in the works of Kavanaugh getting confirmed. The Democrats were also attempting to delay the whole affair, and frankly, I don’t mind.  Kavanaugh is kind of awful.  But in total fairness, their reason for attempting to postpone the confirmation is pretty legit.  You see, just a few hours prior, over 42,000 documents pertinent to the career and character of Kavanaugh were released to the Senate.  Now, maybe I’m being unreasonable, but I feel like it’s unfair to expect people to read tens of thousands of documents in a few hours.  The whole thing stinks of a runaround, so yeah, I feel like the Democrats had a legitimate cause for postponement.  But of course the Republican majority wasn’t having it, Chuck Grassley especially, seeming completely baffled that there was an issue.  While they weren’t successful in lobbying for a continuance, the protestors and bickering certainly slowed things down, which I suppose is something…

Candidate Crisis

Candidate issues1

The GOP seems to have a Nazi problem.  Seriously. At least 3 congressional GOP candidates have openly admitted to being white supremacists with Nazi and neo-Nazi sympathies.  There was a period of time when  finding that kind of information out would have been something to end a political career.  It feels like several giant leaps backward that it’s being used to kickstart them.  To their credit, the mainstream Republican party does see this as an inconvenience.  They’ve been doing their level best to keep their image away from that ideology, and disavowing these upstarts openly, but it’s still unfortunate to note that these candidates seem to be gaining momentum rather than stalling out.  But what happens when these outliers become less abnormal?


Blind obedience1

Here’s the thing, I feel like even the most ardent supporters of Presidents past weren’t afraid to admit their guy made questionable judgments.  Bush diehards were pretty angry to find out that the whole WMD in Iraq thing was a crock.  Sure they didn’t yell for impeachment, and stood by their guy, but they could admit he was being shady.  Obama supporters, more often than not were willing to admit that some shady dealings seemed to go on behind the scenes.  But Trump’s cult of personality seems to have eclipsed rational discourse at this point.  Among his supporters and party members, everyone else is at fault.  His dissenters are all traitors and the media is all fake news and liars, except Fox News, which is basically an organization of true blue patriots. I just don’t know that there is a point where enough is enough any more.  Which is a scary thought indeed.

Facebook on Trial

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Watching Mark Zuckerberg testify to Congress was a bit like watching someone explain the internet to their grandmother.  At first, you see the Senators had some questions loaded to really kind of grill Zuckerberg on Facebook and privacy, but as soon as he starts explaining any facet of software, you can see the senators eyes just glaze over.  I don’t want to blame it on the ages of the respective senators.  I know plenty of older people who are more tech savvy than me.  But you can tell that the current generation of senators are a few steps behind in understanding the basic business model of social media.

Heartfelt Endorsement

Off the Rails1

Trump went to a rally in Pennsylvania for a Republican named Rick Saccone, the Republican running for the Republican seat in their special election for the House. Trump spoke for 80 minutes, 2 of which were for the reason he came for: Endorsing Saccone.  The rest of the time…well it was pretty whacky.  I mean, when it comes to an off the cuff Trump speech, it usually is, but come on!  Calling Chuck Todd a “sleepy son of a bitch”?  That’s crazy.

Nailing Down the Budget

Budget Distractions1

So another government shutdown is looming around the corner.  With political factions more divided than they’ve ever been, I don’t think it’s surprising to anyone. But this crazy inability to find any level of common ground has become ridiculous and petty.  Throwing another wrench in the works is Donald Trump constantly distracting everyone, helping to keep people from making any kind of headway. Trump just can’t seem to let things not be about him for even a few days.

Benefits of the new Tax Bill

tax bill benefits1

The justification for this scam of a tax bill is that the permanent corporate tax cuts will incentivize corporations to make new big investments spurring salary increases and new jobs.  And I keep reading articles that have company heads and CEOs claiming that this will in no way make them interested in doing that.  They’ll mostly use the breaks to do what they’ve always done: boost shareholder profits.  So I find it awfully bold for people like Paul Ryan to insist that corporations will absolutely do something that they have no financially good reason to do.

Steve Bannon’s New Pony

bannon's new pony1

Reports have indicated that Steve Bannon has been in constant contact with a Mr. Kid Rock regarding his congressional bid.  Oh to be a fly on that wall…

When the President Doesn’t Do His Homework

So, at the beginning of October, Donald Trump was supposed to put in place the initial sanctions against Russia that he agreed upon in August.  That deadline has passed and….no one seems to be talking about it?  It’s buried beneath NFL protests and all around tom foolery.  I imagine this is how Congress confronted him two weeks ago…

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