Expert Deflection

logic problems1

I really can’t articulate how little I think of Mitch McConnell.  He represents the very worst of what traditional modern politics has become.  Him and his ilk pave the way for Donald Trump and his gross brand of discourse to come to the forefront of our political culture.  Mitch McConnell has had a stranglehold on the Senate for far too long, keeping good legislation from ever even reaching the floor for a vote, and pushing through garbage that better lines the pockets of him and his comrades.  And if you think I’m being overly critical, I encourage you to listen to his statements from last week, during the debate over making Election Day a federal holiday.  His argument against this is quite simply that he’s afraid of more people voting.  His own words are that it’s a democratic “power grab.”  In other words, he knows the majority of people don’t like him, and if more people go out to vote, he’s afraid of losing his majority.  It’s gross, it’s transparent, and it only goes to show why he’s dead wrong.

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