Master Dealmaker

Tough Negotiator1

So, Trump basically sh*t the negotiating bed with the DACA negotiations.  Trump asked for $18 billion dollars for his wall, Sen. Diane Feinstein came back asking for “clean DACA” bill, Trump didn’t know what that meant, and just agreed to it, like a true negotiator. Gotta love his tough stance on the issues.


Donald Trump, Airline Savior

Airplane statistics1

Donald Trump is taking credit for the fact that there were no deaths as a result of plane accidents. That is a level of desperation for credit that is just crazy.  He talks constantly about all his wins as POTUS, and he’s scraping the bottom of the barrel to find some claim that makes it seem like he’s accomplished something.

Approval Ratings

Approval Ratings1

Trump sent out his own approval poll so he could see how he was doing.  Though it’s important to note that the only people who are taking the poll are people who already support him and that there is no option to give him a bad rating on the poll.  So, you know, totally fair.  It then goes on to reference the Mainstream Media as the “Fake News Media” in a question about whether his approval rating is being reported fairly.  The pettiness gave me chills.

The Definition of Climate Change

Climate Change1

So, over the weekend, Trump at this point pretty infamously tweeted about the weather, and his obvious confusion between that and climate change.  The distinction is one a kid in the 3rd grade can make, but apparently Trump, in his Ivy League schools, wasn’t taught that.

Most Admired Man

mirror mirror1

President Obama was named the most admired man by Gallup for the year 2017.  Trump is in rare company to be an incumbent President to not get that distinction. I can only imagine how that must rub the Donald the wrong way.

Back to Work

Back To Work1

Trump lives his life like he’s constantly staging punchlines.  I mean, on Christmas day, he proudly proclaims “Tomorrow, it’s back to work!” then on Tuesday, he’s seen hitting the links.  It’s like his presidency is some kind of art installation.

The Evolution of Republicans

Republicans then and now1

So, the passing of this scam of a tax bill has me really thinking about what the Republicans have become since being the party of Lincoln.  It’s one thing to make bad decisions because you think you’re being moral, but I just can’t believe, even kind of, that the current Republicans think that this new bill will be beneficial to their constituents.  They just don’t have any leg to stand on in that regard.

The Ire of Chris Christie

chris christie throwing shade1

Chris Christie is really going out of his way to distance himself from the Trump transition with his Deadline interview.  But most humorous is his obvious distaste for Jared Kushner.  The way he talks about him, saying he deserves the scrutiny leveled at him, makes me think Christie was bullied.