The Trump Testimony


There is something inherently humorous and infantile about how Trump’s lawyers are treating the prospect of Trump talking to Mueller.  On one level, I kind of understand.  No lawyer wants their client talking to law enforcement.  On the other hand, the President gets a lot of legal leeway in what he’s allowed to get prosecuted for, and from a purely public point of view, you have to wonder what his legal council is trying to keep Trump from saying.  Trump is even bringing on a new lawyer to help (after he condemned the New York Times for reporting that and claiming he wasn’t).  And their tactics to limit Mueller’s access to Trump have been weird…This week, they’re presenting “documents” to Mueller’s team, essentially a narrative that they pinky promise is the total and complete truth and is totally, completely as useful as Trump’s own testimony.


Putin’s Victory Speech

Putin Win1

On Sunday, Vladimir Putin won his 4th term presidency in Russia.  With 74% of the votes, it’s hard to argue that it wasn’t a landslide, though watchdog groups in Russia are reporting, rather matter of factly, that it was hardly fair, with reports of ballot stuffing and voter coercion, among other things, contributing to Putin’s successful campaign.  From the outside, we watch that, and think “What an alarming misuse of power! Putin is a monster!”  Also from the outside, I imagine Donald Trump watches that and thinks “Oh man…one day that’ll be me.”

A Potential Problem With Giving Teachers Guns

Teacher accident1

Trump’s big idea for curbing school shooting is arming teachers.  Never mind a boatload of statistics that would suggest that it’s a bad idea, including my favorite one, that was reported by the NYPD, who reported that their own officers, when in a gun fight, only hit their intended target about 18% of the time.  These are people who expected to be in situations where firing a weapon was a distinct possibility, and have trained far more than any teacher on how to react in such a high stress situation.  18% of the time.  On Thursday, a High School Teacher and Reserve Police officer in Seaside, Ca had to apologize publicly for firing a gun in the classroom on accident.  I don’t feel like I need to elaborate any further.

Law & Order: Russian Investigation Unit


I kind of admire the balls on Paul Manafort.  He is asking a judge to dismiss the 5 criminal charges against him, not because he’s innocent, but because Manafort thinks Mueller shouldn’t have been allowed to catch him if he was focusing on the Russia investigation. This despite the fact that he acknowledges that Mueller’s mandate was widespread and gave him prosecutorial power over anything he uncovered in the search of collusion.  Now, admittedly, I’m not a lawyer, but I don’t know how much sway that argument is going to have in court.

Space Force!

Space Force1

Donald Trump might be a 10 year old in the body of a man in his mid 70s.  He’s now discussing creating a new branch of the military he’s dubbing the “Space Force”.  Because apparently if we can have an Air Force (which you would think space would also be apart of seeing as space is also technically in the air, but that’s just semantics) we can certainly also have a Space Force.  Considering how much money isn’t being spent on space exploration, and how much money is not even being suggested for allocation for such a purpose, it’s interesting to think that he believes he’s going to be the President who gets a man on Mars and establishes a military presence in space.  But apparently a little boy can dream.

Harmony in the Halls of Power


So, some news outlets are reporting some discord between the State Department and the White House after the unceremonious firing of Rex Tillerson.  And by “some discord”, they seem to mean “open revolt”.  Loyalty has something to do with it I’m sure, but also the fact that the official narrative seems to clash with the “unofficial” (but mostly believed) narrative.  Officially, Rex was ousted on Friday, and asked to wait until the beginning of the new week to announce it.  Unofficially, Rex found out from an employee who printed out Trump’s tweet on Tuesday morning.  One thing is for sure, as much as Sarah Huckabee Sanders is going to be working overtime to assure the public that everything is fine in the White House, more than ever, no one is going to believe heA

Behind Enemy Lines

Behind Enemy Lines1

The New York Times posted an article titled “A Visit Behind Enemy Lines” about Trump visiting California this week.  A headline like that, you might expect it to be about Trump’s upcoming visit to North Korea, but instead, it’s the state his administration has basically declared war on, with Sessions mounting legal attacks against their immigration laws.  The rhetoric is funny, but not necessarily incorrect.  One gets the feeling he won’t feel very welcome in California, especially as his visit is to see progress on his stupid wall. That said, I’m absolutely sure that we’ll be hearing tweets coming from Trump soon enough about how welcome and beloved he is California.

A Stormy and a Hard Place

Rock and a Hard Place1

I don’t actually know that if Trump’s porn star affair gets validated that anything substantial will actually happen.  I don’t expect it would honestly change anyone’s mind about the man one way or the other.  I’m 100% sure it will ultimately lead to nothing….yet at the same time, I just want to see it run it’s course.  I mean, it’s a fascinating story, and the fact that some poor lawyer had to get a home equity loan to pay off this porn star, ultimately to be stiffed by his boss is just amazing to me, and now there is this 60 Minutes interview that the White House is trying to kill, and by god, at this point, I just want to hear the story!  And regardless of what happens if the story finally breaks, the fact that Trump can’t run away from this story fast enough is somewhat gratifying as well.

Heartfelt Endorsement

Off the Rails1

Trump went to a rally in Pennsylvania for a Republican named Rick Saccone, the Republican running for the Republican seat in their special election for the House. Trump spoke for 80 minutes, 2 of which were for the reason he came for: Endorsing Saccone.  The rest of the time…well it was pretty whacky.  I mean, when it comes to an off the cuff Trump speech, it usually is, but come on!  Calling Chuck Todd a “sleepy son of a bitch”?  That’s crazy.

Everyone Loves a Trade War

Casualties of War1

So, Trump is trying to sell his hasty tariff proclamation by playing the victim card again. I forgot that great businessmen whine about how they’re being taken advantage of on trade deals.  But he says he won’t get rid of these tariffs unless a new, fairer NAFTA deal is put together.  I dunno.  I can’t seem to figure out what his idea of fair is.  But I’m willing to bet the builders and construction companies who rely on Canadian imports for materials don’t think things are terribly fair at this point.  Did you know that 40% of frame building lumber for Texas comes from Canada? Eddie Martin from the Tilson Housing Corp. does.