Overly Biased

Overly Biased1

Andrew McCabe, Ex-Interim Head of the FBI, and Trump tantrum casualty, gave a pretty explosive interview to 60 Minutes that illuminates a lot of what was going on at the time during the initial days after the firing of James Comey, including his order to open investigations in Trump for obstructing justice, fearing that if he was next on the chopping block, he would want their to be wheels in motion that Trump couldn’t immediately interfere with.  In light of the things McCabe revealed, Trump and his sycophants went on the warpath, aiming to discredit McCabe.  Trump’s own tirade was hardly surprising, but watching people like Lindsey Graham slander the man was disgusting. He suggested that the interview served only to highlight McCabe’s own biases.   Make no mistake, you sound like a fool for suggesting that a person has a bias against someone trying them in the back.

Lessons in Sensitivity


Donald Trump tried to take Representative Ilhan Omar for criticizing Israel, joining the bandwagon in calling her remarks Anti-Semitic.  Now I’m not hear to judge her statements.  That’s a can of worms I’ll let other folks debate.  But for Donald Trump to criticize a public official for being prejudice and making insensitive statements, especially calling on them to resign…that’s bound to fall on some deaf ears. Especially when he couldn’t go 24 hours without calling Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas” again, and making a crude joke comparing a presidential campaign and the genocide of indigenous peoples.  No, he doesn’t have much clout in the sensitivity department, I’m afraid.

Highly Productive

Productive Time1

So, there was another schedule leak for the President, and low and behold, something like 60% of his time is dominated by “executive time”, which as we’ve come to find out, basically means time the President spends acting like a teenager.  He talks to friends, he tweets, he watches TV and he has his fast food.  And Trump has spent the weekend swearing up and down that not only is he working like MEGA hard during his executive time, but he works harder than any other president ever, so you can all zip a lip! I’m pretty sure no one actually believes that.  Indeed, the people who do believe him, I have a great real estate deal on the moon to talk to them about.  But if people were to ask me how I feel about Trump taking so much executive time to not do his job?  I gotta say I love it.  You see, most wannabe fascists are highly motivated people, always working to get things done.  If Trump wants to faff around and complain on Twitter while watching Fox News, then he’s not spending time ruining more people’s lives, and it may not be making the world a better place, but I’d consider that time something of a wash.  So, yeah, you take your executive time, Mr. President.  Don’t let anyone call you lazy, you old monster!

Presidential Harassment

Presidential Harrassment1

It’s always weird when Donald Trump goes off on one of his childish rants.  It’s just unusual, no matter how many times it happens, to see a grown man, especially one in his 70s, whine like a spoiled 4-year-old.  And make no mistake, every time he suggests that he’s the most victimized victim to ever be victimed, that is EXACTLY what he sounds like.  Here stand Donald Trump, a man who has lived his life at the pinnacle of privilege, claiming that people are being too mean, too unfair to him.  He claims that people shouldn’t be allowed to engage in “presidential harassment.”  Really?  He didn’t seem to take issue with it for the better part of a decade when he harassed Barack Obama about his citizenship.  Harassing people he doesn’t like or agree with is how he has spent the better part of his presidency, and now he is calling foul now that the idea of people really looking into his shady practices is looking to be a reality.  But I think most of us can see this for the sham that it is: the gasps of a desperate imbecile.

Turning the Crowd

audience turnaround1

I feel like I’ve had a lot to say in regards to Fox News over the last couple of years.  As an organization, I think they are unethical, overly biased, and unscrupulous.  Their ratings drivers are not journalists, they’re con artists and snake oil salesmen.  So when their message falls on deaf ears, it’s a good day for the country.  Take their most recent snafu.  They conducted a poll of their audience asking how they felt about raising taxes for wealthier Americans.  Their expectation was that the sage Reagan wisdom of Trickle Down economics would shine through, but recent challenges to that logic, by people such as Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, using history as a lesson, wherein high percentage taxes to wealthy Americans preceded and accompanied our countries most significant economic growth, have begun to shake the faith in the conservative talking point.  Indeed, 70% of the people interviewed in the poll thought that people making over $10 million per year should pay higher taxes.  And 65% thought the same thing for people bringing in over $1 million a year.  Talking over themselves, the talking heads suggested that it’s just the result of brainwashing the idea of fairness into people.  I like to think people, when given the right information, know how to listen.

Playing Puppet

playing puppet1

At a certain point, it stopped being surprising that Donald Trump would take Vladimir Putin’s side in regards to…well anything really.  He has made it perfectly clear that he admires the man, and that he’ll take the man’s word over his own intelligence networks.  But now Trump is at the point where he’s parroting the man’s talking points in his own interviews.  When Trump starts acting as a surrogate or representative of the Putin Regime…I mean seriously, where are we then?   When does it stop being a joke that Putin is really leading the country?

Expert Deflection

logic problems1

I really can’t articulate how little I think of Mitch McConnell.  He represents the very worst of what traditional modern politics has become.  Him and his ilk pave the way for Donald Trump and his gross brand of discourse to come to the forefront of our political culture.  Mitch McConnell has had a stranglehold on the Senate for far too long, keeping good legislation from ever even reaching the floor for a vote, and pushing through garbage that better lines the pockets of him and his comrades.  And if you think I’m being overly critical, I encourage you to listen to his statements from last week, during the debate over making Election Day a federal holiday.  His argument against this is quite simply that he’s afraid of more people voting.  His own words are that it’s a democratic “power grab.”  In other words, he knows the majority of people don’t like him, and if more people go out to vote, he’s afraid of losing his majority.  It’s gross, it’s transparent, and it only goes to show why he’s dead wrong.

Questionable Intelligence


There have been some reporters, namely Rachel Maddow, who have speculated that Donald Trump may be getting his “intelligence” from an unusual source.  And I’m not talking about Fox News.  He’s been frequently talking about odd tactics and discoveries regarding undocumented immigrants, including finding prayer rugs, and women having their mouths duct taped shut so that they couldn’t breath.  Several news outlets have attempted to find witnesses or victims to these discoveries to no avail.  Then people started to notice it sounded suspiciously similar to a plot to a movie called Sicario: Day of the Soldado.  Seriously, several of Trump’s claims come from and only make sense within the context of this movie plot.  So, getting everything straight, Trump is actively conflating movie plots and real, actionable intelligence.  If it were any other president, ANY OTHER president, it would be a ludicrous suggestion, but for Trump it just feels…remarkably normal.

All-Star Weekend

good weekend 1

Nancy Pelosi had an all star weekend, didn’t she?  She made Trump blink on the government shut down and as a cherry on top, she got to have “haha” moment on him after Roger Stone got indicted and she made a very public statement to basically do just that.  Anyone who says she is getting a moment to take aim for the White House in 2020…well they might be right.  I dunno that I’d be jazzed on the idea of her running for president, but she is certainly on the ground running at the start of the new year.

You Get What You Pay For

What you pay for1.jpg

Finding out that Rudy Giuliani was taking Donald Trump’s case pro bono makes a weird kind of sense.  I mean, Rudy’s utter incompetence and penchant for digging Trump’s hole of trouble ever deeper is deeply embarrassing for that monster, but Trump’s distaste for paying for the work that people do for him is also pretty well noted.  Rudy may be doing a lousy job, but free is free, yeah?  But beyond free, Trump’s trouble with finding representation for his pending legal issues has been very public, so  his willingness to go to bat for the man has value as well.  But yeah, as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for, and Rudy’s work is certainly worth the price tag of zero dollars.