Perception vs. Reality

perception v reality1

Listen, I love Saturday Night Live.  I might be in the minority who even loves the current cast, and direction of the show, but I do.  I think it’s still, for the most part, a strong show.  But they’ve really gotta give politics a rest for a little bit in their cold opens.  Now I get it, this might seem like the pot calling the kettle black, seeing as I’m primarily a political cartoonist, but the difference of course is that people don’t watch SNL with the expectation of a political bent.  Or at least, they didn’t.  SNL was supposed to be a break from the mundane and frustrating.  SNL was never the voice anger for the people.  In fact, they used to make fun of the people that were, and they poked fun at everyone.  They weren’t solely a liberal bullhorn aiming at the lowest hanging fruit (well Weekend Update is kind of that, but that’s the forum for that kind of thing on the show, and they do it better).  As it stands, I could care less if I ever see Alec Baldwin pop on that wig ever again. I mean, I’ll give him props, his impression is largely spot on, but the bits haven’t had anything new or interesting to say since the start of the Russia Investigation.  What’s worse is that Donald Trump is taking to Twitter to call your bit unfunny, and it’s a jarring day when I don’t think he’s wrong.  And if people agree with him that your cold opening that makes fun of him isn’t funny, there is a remote chance that they might decide he’s also right about taking it to the courts.  Listen, I don’t expect anyone from SNL to listen to some unknown cartoonist from the boonies, but if on the off chance an SNL writer happens to look upon this, let me just implore you, please, even if just for one week….give it a rest.

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