Making America Dirtier

Dirty Immigrants1

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before, but Tucker Carlson is hack.  He is a right wing, dog whistling, opportunistic hack who cares more about placating his cribbed viewer base than making cogent points or saying things with any kind of value.  He repackages bargain basement talking points that high school debate students use when throwing mock cases together.  He provides no value in terms of discourse, and more than that, he knows it.  He’s been told to his face by better men than me that he sucks (Jon Stewart…where are you? We need you…).  Anyway, recently one of his bigoted dog whistle diatribes where he suggested that helping poor people was bad for the bottom line, which lead him to suggest that immigrants make America “dirtier”, caused some of his sponsors to FINALLY take notice that he’s a scumbag.  As of this writing, 4 of his sponsors dropped him, and it looks like he might lose more in short order.  This of course caused him to give a non-apology where he unconvincingly said that he did indeed like immigrants and immigration.  As it turns out, that didn’t help his situation.  Do I expect this to collapse his career?  Unfortunately, no, but it is nice to see that unlike Sean Hannity or Donald Trump, some bad people know that this level of humiliation is supposed to be a bad thing.  But make no mistake, the only thing making America dirtier are people like Tucker Carlson.

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