Trump Off Brand

Trumps base pivot1

So Trump is…I don’t know if I’d call it a 180 on gun control provisions…but he’s definitely sounding…dare I say…somewhat reasonable?  It’s weird to see him step so far away from his base’s views on anything.  I mean, the VAST majority of Americans overwhelmingly favor some new measure of gun control.  That is indisputable, but the very vocal minority, the people who comprise the loudest segment of Trump’s base, do not.  So for Trump to come out and say he’s down for confiscating guns from mentally ill people, and for raising the age of purchase on certain firearms…I mean it’s a weird pivot that I’m not sure anyone saw coming.  It’s a welcome one.  But it also is so out of character for him that I would feel weird trusting it. I don’t know whether to expect him to go back on it tomorrow and say he never said any such thing in the first place.

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