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Happy Independence Day, Dear Readers!  For those who visit the site and read me on the daily, Thank you for your support and kind words!  You guys keep my spirits up when politics of the day can have me kind of dark.

Now, on to our main story!

Donald Trump’s penchant for reversing positions and pretending he’s always had that position is well documented.  By me in fact.  I’ve lost count out of how many times I’ve used his blatant hypocrisy as material for gags.  But to give our dear President some sense of credit, he usually reverses positions after some time has passed, and a certain amount of digging has to be done to catch it.  Not much digging as he likes to say things multiple times and in CAPS lock, but digging none the less. So it was kind of surprising to watch him do go from one end of a spectrum to the complete other end in a matter of days.  Again, done in all caps.  “HOUSE REPUBLICANS SHOULD PASS THE STRONG BUT FAIR IMMIGRATION BILL, KNOWN AS GOODLATTE II, IN THEIR AFTERNOON VOTE TODAY, EVEN THOUGH THE DEMS WON’T LET IT PASS IN THE SENATE. PASSAGE WILL SHOW THAT WE WANT STRONG BORDERS & SECURITY WHILE THE DEMS WANT OPEN BORDERS = CRIME.  WIN!” Trump tweeted on the 27th.  Three days later, after Goodlatte went down in the flamiest of flames, He again went to Twitter only to say “I never pushed the Republicans in the House to vote for the Immigration Bill, either GOODLATTE 1 or 2, because it could never have gotten enough Democrats as long as there is the 60 vote threshold. I released many prior to the vote knowing we need more Republicans to win in Nov.”  Seriously.  Three days.  Now, in the past, when these hypocrisies have been pointed out, Trump apologists shout about context, but those two tweets are in their entirety.  To say that he’s being misrepresented or quoted out of context holds no weight.  It’s the barest example I’ve ever seen on it’s face of shameless hypocrisy.  It’s really quite stunning to see.

Trump Off Brand

Trumps base pivot1

So Trump is…I don’t know if I’d call it a 180 on gun control provisions…but he’s definitely sounding…dare I say…somewhat reasonable?  It’s weird to see him step so far away from his base’s views on anything.  I mean, the VAST majority of Americans overwhelmingly favor some new measure of gun control.  That is indisputable, but the very vocal minority, the people who comprise the loudest segment of Trump’s base, do not.  So for Trump to come out and say he’s down for confiscating guns from mentally ill people, and for raising the age of purchase on certain firearms…I mean it’s a weird pivot that I’m not sure anyone saw coming.  It’s a welcome one.  But it also is so out of character for him that I would feel weird trusting it. I don’t know whether to expect him to go back on it tomorrow and say he never said any such thing in the first place.