Spin Cycle


I wonder if it’s ever going to be too much for Sarah Huckabee Sanders, aka The Huck.  I mean, the questions she’s forced to contend with are genuinely unlike anything any other press secretary has had to deal with.  I imagine even Bill Clinton’s Press Secretary after the Lewinsky scandal broke wasn’t as bad, because at least in that case, the number of terrible things that were being discussed were limited to one.  With Trump, it’s any number of 50 things.  This week it’s what Trump meant when he suggested the so-called sanctuary cities as “breeding concepts” .  Because obviously there is a racially charged connotation if he was suggesting that said cities were breeding grounds for the Hispanic community.  And stuff like this feels almost day to day, where the Huck is out tap-dancing around Trump’s words, and trying to deflect by calling everyone else racist for suggesting Trump meant something racist. There has to be a breaking point, yeah?

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