Important Business

important business1

I’m glad to know that after a day of Tweeting over 50 times, ranting about how unfair he’s being treated, Trump cleared the very next afternoon to have an important meeting about the important issue facing his presidency: the loss of Twitter subscribers.  No joke, he had a closed door meeting with Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, where instead of focusing on Twitter’s efforts to tackle the very real, very prescient issue of Opioid abuse, he spent the bulk of his time complaining about his subscriber count.  I mean, I guess considering how he’s been acting since the release of the Mueller Report, I shouldn’t have expected too much, but you’d think considering how much work he hasn’t been getting done over the last several days, he’d take his one big meeting to talk about actual policy.  I mean, hell, he talked about prison reform with Kim Kardashian.  Yet somehow, Jack Dorsey has to deal with Trump petulantly whining about being targeted by Twitter, even though Twitter has announced publicly, several times, that the reason for fluctuating numbers is the removal of bots and fake accounts.  Did he really need to call in the CEO for something that has already been explained to him?

Devin Nunes vs. His Cow

Nunes' Cow1

Devin Nunes, Republican Senator from California and all around lunatic blowhard has decided to sue Twitter and certain Twitter users because he thinks people are just too mean to him.  I mean, sure, it’s not problem for him to spearhead harassment campaigns to obstruct investigations and keep people from looking too hard at his fellow politicians, but as soon as someone who self identifies as Devin Nunes’s Cow starts pointing out his verbal garbage, that’s just a step too far!  The whole thing feels like a sham, and frankly, I think it’s all going to blow back in his face, but the man’s lack of grasp on hypocrisy is frankly alarming.  But given the administration he’s serving, I guess it’s not all that surprising.

Quit Breaking the Law!

quit breaking the law1

You know, there are people who actually believe Donald Trump when he calls himself a genius, and I have to point to his Twitter account and ask “Seriously?’  Even if you believe he penned “the Art of the Deal” (he didn’t) and is a master dealmaker (he isn’t), any and all of that is negated by verbal equivalent of garbage he spews on Twitter.  I’m not talking about the offensive stuff, either.  I’m talking about the outright dumb things he says and admits to.  Like, he’ll claim he didn’t collude with Russia during the election, but then suggest that even if he did, it wouldn’t be a crime.  And while you might argue that such a statement isn’t a direct admission of guilt, I’ll give that to you, if only because he doesn’t just use Twitter to admit crimes, but seemingly also to commit them.  As it turns out, publicly praising someone for not ratting on you looks an awful lot like, and can be pretty easily interpreted as witness tampering.  Similarly, publicly calling for an end to an investigation, directed at people under your employ, into your potential crimes could easily be read as trying to obstruct a criminal case.  Let me assure you, this isn’t brilliant posturing.  If anything it’s admissible evidence on the public record.

Football Season

good ol' distraction1

Football season is on the horizon, and that’s a good season for Donald Trump as it turns out.  It’s amazing how quickly he can quarterback a distraction. The season isn’t even in full swing yet, and he’s already expertly misdirecting the public attention of his very worrying behavior in Helsinki with Putin by talking about the national anthem at football games.  It’s an embarrassingly transparent maneuver, and yet his base and media outlets are going to eat it up, because that’s how this kind of thing works, and Trump knows it.  I know it sounds cynical, but it’s so obvious at this point.  Trump doesn’t care about the National Anthem, and I’ll bet he’ll never stand for it again as soon as it’s not politically relevant to do so, but as long as he can use it as a prop for his partisan sleight of hand, he’s gonna do it with relish, because it’s easy.

Self Evident

Self Evident1

Happy Independence Day, Dear Readers!  For those who visit the site and read me on the daily, Thank you for your support and kind words!  You guys keep my spirits up when politics of the day can have me kind of dark.

Now, on to our main story!

Donald Trump’s penchant for reversing positions and pretending he’s always had that position is well documented.  By me in fact.  I’ve lost count out of how many times I’ve used his blatant hypocrisy as material for gags.  But to give our dear President some sense of credit, he usually reverses positions after some time has passed, and a certain amount of digging has to be done to catch it.  Not much digging as he likes to say things multiple times and in CAPS lock, but digging none the less. So it was kind of surprising to watch him do go from one end of a spectrum to the complete other end in a matter of days.  Again, done in all caps.  “HOUSE REPUBLICANS SHOULD PASS THE STRONG BUT FAIR IMMIGRATION BILL, KNOWN AS GOODLATTE II, IN THEIR AFTERNOON VOTE TODAY, EVEN THOUGH THE DEMS WON’T LET IT PASS IN THE SENATE. PASSAGE WILL SHOW THAT WE WANT STRONG BORDERS & SECURITY WHILE THE DEMS WANT OPEN BORDERS = CRIME.  WIN!” Trump tweeted on the 27th.  Three days later, after Goodlatte went down in the flamiest of flames, He again went to Twitter only to say “I never pushed the Republicans in the House to vote for the Immigration Bill, either GOODLATTE 1 or 2, because it could never have gotten enough Democrats as long as there is the 60 vote threshold. I released many prior to the vote knowing we need more Republicans to win in Nov.”  Seriously.  Three days.  Now, in the past, when these hypocrisies have been pointed out, Trump apologists shout about context, but those two tweets are in their entirety.  To say that he’s being misrepresented or quoted out of context holds no weight.  It’s the barest example I’ve ever seen on it’s face of shameless hypocrisy.  It’s really quite stunning to see.

Addressing Controversy

Addressing controversy1

Roseanne Barr, the once beloved comedienne, has had a rough few days.  It started with a pretty unabashedly racist tweet, directed at an ex-Obama staffer, and ultimately lead to widespread condemnation, the cancellation of her successful sitcom revival, and her original sitcom being removed from syndication by every network, including Hulu, that was carrying it.  I’m not sure there’s any way she recovers her career from this, but it doesn’t help that when the President of the United States, a person she has defended and even publicly conversed with recently, commented on the situation only by making it all about himself.  You see, when Donald Trump decided to speak to the situation with Roseanne, it wasn’t to either condemn or endorse Roseanne.  It wasn’t to ask for patience or suggest she’s being misunderstood.  Instead, he angrily came out and railed on the head of the network that produced Roseanne’s show.  Not for canceling it, but for not apologizing to him.  Because if Donald Trump is good at one thing, it’s getting to the heart of a mater.

Secure Connection

secure connection1

Donald Trump is reportedly rather cavalier with his smartphone security, reportedly stating that submitting to security checks and better security on his phone designated for the sole purpose of using Twitter (totally not a joke) is “too inconvenient.”  I don’t think I need to elaborate on why this is a problem.  He’s the President of the United States, and he uses this particular phone to communicate to the world.  It also has things like external microphones and a camera on it, meaning if it’s security is compromised, so is his, and any potential sensitive data he may (probably does) access with it.  By the nature of his position, “inconvenience” isn’t a word he really gets to use in his lexicon.

What’s in a Name?

What's in a name1

Donald Trump misspelled his Melania’s name on Twitter after she came home from the hospital on Saturday.  Now, reasonable people will assume “hey! The guy made a typo!”  And yeah….I know that it’s probably just a typo.  Probably.  But Trump is getting up there in the years and, I mean, it’s not like he send a lot of time with her.  And when they are seen together, it seems like it’s a pretty uncomfortable situation.  I’m NOT saying he forgot Melania’s name.  I’m NOT saying that…but I kind of hope he did…is that bad?