Addressing Controversy

Addressing controversy1

Roseanne Barr, the once beloved comedienne, has had a rough few days.  It started with a pretty unabashedly racist tweet, directed at an ex-Obama staffer, and ultimately lead to widespread condemnation, the cancellation of her successful sitcom revival, and her original sitcom being removed from syndication by every network, including Hulu, that was carrying it.  I’m not sure there’s any way she recovers her career from this, but it doesn’t help that when the President of the United States, a person she has defended and even publicly conversed with recently, commented on the situation only by making it all about himself.  You see, when Donald Trump decided to speak to the situation with Roseanne, it wasn’t to either condemn or endorse Roseanne.  It wasn’t to ask for patience or suggest she’s being misunderstood.  Instead, he angrily came out and railed on the head of the network that produced Roseanne’s show.  Not for canceling it, but for not apologizing to him.  Because if Donald Trump is good at one thing, it’s getting to the heart of a mater.

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