The Honorable Kim Jong-Un

Honorable man1

So Trump called Kim Jong Un “honorable”, and…well let’s just say it rubbed a lot of people the wrong way.  I mean, I kind of understand where Trump is coming from on this.  He’s acknowledging that Kim has given the appearance of openness and open-mindedness preceding talks between world leaders, and that is not a bad thing, but to call him “honorable” feels like a total slap in the face to everyone who opposes him and to everyone under his tyrannical thumb.  Seriously, North Korea is on the constant verge of starvation, citizens have very few rights, they’re encouraged to spy everyone around them, which no doubt makes trust impossible.  They have gulags and re-education facilities that are basically torture factories, and at the tippy top of that pyramid is Kim Jong Un, a man who never had to work for anything, is pampered and treated basically like a god.  “Honorable” is not a word that feels appropriate sitting anywhere near Kim Jong Un.

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