North Korea’s Cunning Charade

North Korean Plan1

North Korea has really been using the Winter Olympics as a good stage to show a softer, gentler side of fascism.  Their propaganda department has been doing an expert job of getting Kim Yo-Jong, the sister of Kim Jong Un, some favorable spotlight, with some really well staged opportunities in South Korea.  I know that this is part of a careful, and calculated plot to gain more favorable relations with the countries sanctioning the heck out of them right now, but I kind of humorously imagine that this might rankle Un a little bit, that his little sister is so much more well like than he is.


Audio Evidence

Audio Evidence1

So after the Wall Street Journal reported that Trump says he has a great relationship with Kim Jong Un.  When Trump refuted the statements, Both the White House and the WSJ released audio from the interview…that just confirmed the WSJ interview.  It’s  bizarre how Trump expects vindication even though reality is against him.