SUN Speechwriter1

The Trump camp had to fire one of their speechwriters, Darren Beattie, last week because apparently he’d been speaking at White Supremacist rallies.  Now this left me asking a very honest yet surreal question: Since when has Donald Trump used a SPEECHWRITER?  I mean, I know there have been a few occasions where the words Trump spoke weren’t words that he immediately blasted off from the top of his head, but certainly not full speeches worth, and most of the time, when Trump gives a “speech” he’s just bullhorning his campaign points.  He talks about Mexico being criminals, his wall, bad trade and the fake news.  Then when he forgets something he’ll talk about the election until he remembers what he was originally on about.  It’s a pretty well established pattern at this point.  The idea that someone has actually written down those half conscious ramblings is mystifying! At this point, Trump can probably give a Rally speech in his sleep.  In fact, I imagine he probably does.  The way I see it, if you’re gonna fire a speechwriter for Trump, I’d figure the reason would be because the position was unnecessary.

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