The Truth isn’t the Truth

The Truth isn't the Truth1

Rudy Giuliani’s tenuous grasp on reality is only getting more and more loose as his time with Donald Trump increases.  Apparently Rudy now believes that Trump isn’t even beholden to the nature of reality any more.  On Meet the press on Saturday, Giuliani explained with great vehemence that the Truth doesn’t have to be Trump’s truth.  Indeed the Truth isn’t even the truth.  Suffice to say, Chuck Todd was rightly baffled by the whole exchange, even going so far to correctly say “This is going to become a bad meme.”  And goodness, Chuck couldn’t be more right!  Memes almost immediately started popping up all over Twitter with Giuliani’s quote “Truth isn’t Truth” holding a special resonance for many.  People are likening it to an Orwellian 1984 type sentiment.  I think Giuliani is off his damn rocker, and thinks he’s in the Matrix.  You remember the Matrix, right?  The movie where the spoon isn’t the spoon and reality is just a computer program?  Yeah, I think someone might have told him that 1999 cyberpunk classic is a documentary, and honestly, that would explain a lot of his more cryptic statements in recent days.  He apparently took the “the red pill.”

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