Differing Minds

Differing minds1

How much of his day on average do you think Robert Mueller thinks about Donald Trump? 

Day in and day out, Donald Trump is constantly blasting his Id all over Twitter.  His angry, early morning Tweetstorms have become something of a tradition at this point.  They’re like ugly, less thought out, inflammatory fireside chats.  And he constantly has something to say about the probe into Russia’s meddling into the 2016 election.  In fact, I’ll bet if I mention Russia or Mueller to a random person, the first word that comes to mind is “witchhunt”.

It’s Donald Trump’s omni-present narrative that got me thinking about the fact that Robert Mueller has NO narrative.  Everything we know about his side of the case is entirely based around what kind of scoop news organizations get, and the veracity of ANY of those stories is questionable.  Honestly, we have no concrete understanding of what Mueller’s side of the investigation looks like.  We have no idea what or who he’s zeroing in on until he makes a move, but he never broadcasts it.  And Trump himself is constantly maneuvering around what he think’s Mueller’s machinations are, ALSO based on what the media is saying. Remember, Trump also has NO IDEA what Mueller is actually doing.

He keeps calling this investigation a “witch hunt” without at all knowing if he’s even a credible target at this point!  Only the tiny investigation team and Mueller himself know what’s actually on the table, and they aren’t giving an official narrative, because of course they aren’t! Law enforcement and prosecution teams don’t discuss ongoing cases.  Which leads me to back to the question I had at the beginning.  How much do you think Mueller thinks SPECIFICALLY about Trump?  While we know for a fact that Trump CAN’T STOP thinking about Mueller and his investigation, I imagine Mueller isn’t plagued by a similar problem.  Because Mueller’s agenda isn’t to nail the President.  It’s to uncover the scope of a hostile foreign power’s penetration into our election.  I would imagine Mueller’s head is much less chaotic.

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