The Edge of Loyalty

test of loyalty1

Allen Weisselberg is the Chief Financial Officer of the Trump Organization.  He’s been a player in the company since the days that Trump’s dad was running the show.  Allen is the Money guy, and has been for years.  When it comes to loyalty, he would be the one person Trump would expect to have his back more than anyone.  And loyalty carries a premium for Donald Trump.  He values it more than just about anything.  He’s made that abundantly clear.  But now we’re hearing that Weisselberg has been granted immunity in his account of the Cohen affair.  His willingness to talk about what he knows gives us a pretty clear idea how much loyalty Donald Trump commands, which is to say, NOT. MUCH.  And I have to admit, that I find that kind of funny.  Because of course people in Trump’s orbit would be cautious in regards to the loyalty they give him.  He’s quick to lash out, and he throws people under the bus constantly.  And at the same time, the idea that people in his employ would ever be disloyal to him seems to be completely baffling to him.  As far as Trump is concerned, he’s this strong, powerful leader, who commands the greatest respect and loyalty, and yet as soon as he turns his back, people seem to be jumping ship.

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