Great Legal Mind

SUN Legal mind1

I know I’ve said it before, but Rudy Giuliani should probably retire.  I know that He had a fairly prodigious legal career leading up to his time as Mayor of New York, but good gracious, whatever legal acumen he once possessed has clearly long since departed.  I’ll be the first to admit that I’m no legal scholar, but Rudy doesn’t seem to understand what laws are anymore.  Like, he keeps suggesting that Trump’s collusion with Russia isn’t against the law, and while he might technically be right, insofar as there is no law of collusion, all the things that go into creating collusion are crimes, not limited but including conspiring to influence the result of the election.  The problem is that instead of calling his client innocent, Rudy has a bad habit of saying that criminal acts aren’t crimes, then trying to shimmy around some contextual argument where that may or may not be true.  And what’s worse for Trump, is that Trump keeps parroting the legal claims that Giuliani uses on TV, which often leads to him seemingly further implicating himself.  I dunno. Maybe their legal maneuvering is just too many steps beyond my feeble brain, but I’d wager money that it’s going to just turn out that they were playing legal checkers with the wrong crowd.

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