Hindsight Draft

You ever wonder if Trump could go back in time and change his approach to running for President, he would?  Like, would he go out of his way to avoid attempting making business transactions with Russia?  Avoid paying off women for his affairs?  Would he avoid the headache of the Presidency altogether?  Despite his virtual inability to public admit it, he has to have some semblance of an understanding that history is not going to look back favorably at his time as the head of state.  I think at this point, we already realize that he’s going to be that darker chapter in our history that sits alongside the massacre of Native Americans and the internment of Japanese Americans during World War 2.  It will be that one time when America flirted with the idea of fascism.  Trump may have an insane ego, and he may honestly believe he has some kind of unparalleled genius, but I have to think, even if he’d only admit it to himself in his most private of moments, that his hindsight on his missteps haunts him.

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