Clear Understanding

Entirely Made Up1

So, a few days ago, Rudy Giuliani came out and told everyone that Mueller was planning to wrap up his investigation by September 1.  And most people, upon hearing that, probably thought “well that’s horsesh*%”.  It just didn’t seem credible.  But up until that point, Giuliani hadn’t really had a problem with lying.  If anything, his issue was that he was probably a little too truthful.  He couldn’t keep things under wraps.  So it was a troubling statement to say the least.  Of course now sources are coming out saying that it was a total fabrication, and it leaves me wondering what changed for Rudy to come out and play this tactic, which most think was just a ploy to put pressure on the investigation.  I dunno.  I think Rudy just may be a little short on the uptake.

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