A Liar’s Paradox

the reason1

Lesley Stahl is a veteran correspondent for the stalwart and dependable news hour “60 Minutes”.  It’s hard to argue the trustworthiness of 60 Minutes and their retinue, because they’ve been so reliable in their integrity for like half a century. So when Ms. Stahl told people at a press awards dinner that Trump personally told her that he bashes the Press for the sole purpose of keeping people from believing the bad press about him, I’m pretty inclined to believe her.  But she finds herself in a bit of a catch-22 with this story.  If you believe Trump, she’s just another lying journalist lying about making them seem like liars.  It’s paradoxical at it’s best, and it’s emblematic of the state of the first estate.  Is this what the “post-truth” era looks like?

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