There was a point early on in Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ first days, where I thought I should feel sorry for her.  I really thought she was being forced to peddle the party line.  I mean, despite my distaste for her and her family’s politics, I would have hoped that she was at least honest.  Or honest as far as she was able.  I would have thought the sort of blatant lack of honesty would eventually rub her the wrong way, which might account for her more and more aggressive posturing.  But I quickly realized that I was projecting far more decency on her than she deserved. She really is just generally dishonest and weirdly aggressive when she’s called on it.  It’s been especially obvious in the last several days, where she has been defending the revocation of Jim Acosta’s Press Credentials.  Beyond towing her boss’s line, she’s actively helping in expanding on the deception by using doctored footage from InfoWars (of all places) to try and further tarnish Acosta’s reputation.  It’s despicable, and yet remarkably consistent with what we might expect.

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