Paper Tiger

SUN Hell to pay1

I don’t have a high opinion of Lindsey Graham.  Every time I’ve ever seen him talk, it’s always him trying to sanitize a horrible opinion/gross political motivation or he’s gaslighting his political opponents.  In my humble opinion, he is, and always has been a man with a stunning lack of integrity or empathy.  He looks, acts, and sounds like a Looney Tunes villain.  The one time he appeared to sound like he had any kind of concern for anyone other than himself, was when he was defending Jeff Sessions in the early days of the Russia Investigation.  He used forceful language to defend a man that he presumably considered a friend.  The exact words were that Trump would have “Hell to pay” if he canned Sessions.  Not that I think anyone took that bloviating very seriously.  And it appears that they were right not to.  Because low and behold, Trump forced Sessions out, and when confronted with a video clip of his own words, Graham literally laughed it off. Let me tell you, it says a lot about your credibility when you scoff at the validity of your own threat.  Lindsey Graham is a joke.

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