Trust the Gut

trust the gut1

Conservatives like to talk about all the things they’re at war with.  They’re warring over Christmas because they don’t like people saying Happy Holidays to cater to every denomination that has a holiday around the Winter Solstice.  They’re warring over rainbows, because it’s just so dang unfair that the gays somehow stole it (even though there is no reason whatsoever that anyone for any reason can’t utilize rainbows as a design for any reason they want).  And yet they don’t make a peep over an actual ideological war that Americans every day have to deal with: The War on Truth.  I mean, I imagine that it’s largely because Conservatives are the ones benefitting from it.  I mean, the “War on Christmas” and the “War for Rainbows” is largely a symptom of the War on Truth.  Nailing the cause is a bit more difficult, but I’m willing to bet a good place to start is this idea of “feelings over facts”.  Intellectualism and Data being proudly dismissed in favor of what feels better.  It doesn’t “feel” great to think that our evolving civilization will end up being responsible for it’s own extinction because of the way we’ve altered the earth’s climate.  But it’s the truth. It doesn’t “feel” great that the wealthy, white men have created a culture that disadvantages anyone who isn’t exactly all 3 of those things.  But again, it’s true.  And the thing is, the people who prefer to trust their feelings (those undefinable, but always correct gut instincts) over provable, observable logic, are proud of that stance.  They are proud to dismiss what is true in favor of what is comfortable.  And let me tell you, that doesn’t make America great.  It makes us fools.  When our President can proudly declare “I have a gut and my gut tells me more sometimes than anybody else’s brain can ever tell me,”  then we have a real problem.  I don’t know if that is the root of the problem, but it’s somewhere close.

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