Truer News

better news network1

Donald Trump is once again floating the idea of creating his own, government sponsored news outlet, to combat the “fake news”.  If that sounds a little dictator-y, then you probably have heard of any fascist regime ever.  Because a state controlled news platform is basically step two in becoming a brutal dictator.  There is nothing wrong with a government helping to fund independent news.  The BBC is one of the most respected news organizations in the world, and it exists because of government funding, but the British government doesn’t run it or get to tell them what to say.  Because when the Government begins reporting the news, it stops being the news, and starts being propaganda.  And I’m sorry, but Donald Trump can’t speak for 30 seconds without lying, and as such, I would have trouble taking serious any “news” he put his rubber stamp on.  I don’t know if Trump will actually go through with trying to create some kind of rival news network to sell his narrative against the largely accurate news organizations that Trump hates, but I do look forward to the day when we get a President who doesn’t challenge the credibility of legitimate news organizations on a daily basis.

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