The New Rules

the new rules1.jpg

To recap Donald Trump’s most recent assault on the Free Press, Jim Acosta from CNN had his press credentials from the White House revoked for asking questions Trump didn’t want to answer, and Trump flipped out on him.  Then the White House claimed Acosta assaulted an intern using a doctored video from InfoWars.  Obviously thinking that was ludicrously out of line, CNN brought it to the courts, where the courts told Trump that he had to give Acosta his press credentials back.  All’s well, right? Well I guess not.  Now Trump is implementing new rules for the sake of “politeness” and it sounds like no one is agreeing to them, because apparently they are kind of antithetical to the whole idea of a free press.  The rules, as outlined in an email by Sarah Huckabee Sanders, have a number of limitations, including the limiting of followup questions, which will keep reporters from getting the clarity they often need in interpreting the backwards statements that Trump and his people put out.  But the fact that a precedent is now being set as to how reporters can approach asking questions and getting answers demonstrates a worrying habit of the Trump administration to quash anything that looks like dissent.  And what do you call that if not fascism?

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