Fearless Leader

Brave Leader1

As we cross into the holiday season proper, Donald Trump’s refusal to visit deployed troops in combat zones sticks out more and more.  At the halfway mark of his term, he’s the only President in recent memory who not only hasn’t done it, but hasn’t visited them multiple times.  There has been a lot of speculation as to the reason why.  I mean, his excuse of being too busy doesn’t hold water when he spends nearly every weekend golfing, but there has been questions if it was meant to be some sort of political statement, maybe not wanting to lend validation to conflicts he doesn’t want our troops engaged in.  If Trump has made one thing clear, he doesn’t give two farts about helping the rest of the world.  But now new reports are suggesting something more base of his refusal to visit combat zones: fear.  Apparently he’s just not entirely sure he won’t be shot at in a hostile war zone…which…I mean duh.   Of course there is an element of risk.  But soldiers deal with that risk every day.  The idea that Trump can’t brave it with insane levels of security for an afternoon is a joke.  Though there is one thing I find myself wondering after reading some of the articles on this subject.  Who is Trump expecting to take shots at him?  I mean, it’s not SUPER crazy to worry about enemy combatants in Afghanistan, but the likelihood of him being brought terribly close to actual combat seems slim…so…is he maybe worried about friendly fire?  I mean…well his popularity isn’t great among the troops.  For I would think somewhat obvious reasons. But it’s not so much that I would think he would really have that concern.  But at the same time, I feel like friendlies would be the only folks with guns who might have a shot at him, so I have to wonder what Trump knows that we don’t in that regard.

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