Strategic Pivot

strategic pivot1

Rudy Giuliani is out selling the new line, and it’s being repeated around the conservative networks like a wild fire…and it’s really disturbing.  If we go back to right the early days, post election, the official line is that Russia didn’t meddle in the election, and Trump and team certainly didn’t collude with them to help that happen. NO COLLUSION.  When the investigation into Russia’s interference began in earnest, a certain dossier was uncovered, and news of high level campaign staffers and cabinet members having connections and meetings with potential Russian agents, including but not limited to Paul Manafort and even Donald Trump’s own son, Don Jr., the narrative changed a little.  Now it was, ok…we might have had some meetings, but nothing ever exchanged hands, nothing shady happened, and Donald Trump was certainly never personally aware of it.  Also, still not convinced Russia did anything wrong. NO COLLUSION.  Then indictments were made, statements came out, some of Trump’s confidants became willing to testify, and the narrative again made a subtle change. The people indicted were actually not really, truly, honestly THAT big a part in the whole campaign. They were small cogs doing their own thing. NO COLLUSION. In recent days, It’s become increasingly obvious that Trump himself WAS aware of certain events during the time they were happening, and as things are unfolding, the new line has been unveiled.  Now the narrative is: If the WAS COLLUSION, then it’s fine.  Collusion isn’t TECHNICALLY illegal.  Anyone in Trump’s position given the chance would have colluded.  Excuse me?  Taking potential leverage from a hostile foreign power who could use that as leverage of their own?  MMMMno.  I don’t think so.  I don’t think ANYONE would have colluded.  Only insecure manchildren and supervillains, really.

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