Questionable Loyalty

double agent1

Sometimes I genuinely wonder if Rudy Giuliani is on Donald Trump’s side.  I mean, at a certain point, I remember thinking Giuliani was a reasonable person.  Sure, he’s always been highly conservative in his politics, but I vaguely recall him not coming off as a crazy person at one point.  Then he starts being Donald Trump’s lawyer, and he starts saying things which sort of feel like he’s sabotaging his own case.  He rarely talks about Trump’s innocence, and mostly just refers to how Trump can snake his way around the law as the President.  He talks about how Trump could get away with murder, and Trump’s recollection is “always changing”.  I’ve seen more than one episode of Law & Order, I know that’s how lawyers imply folks are lying.  It’s just…is he actually trying to help the President or sink him?  Is this one elaborate long con?

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