Power Behind the Throne

the ones in charge1

Closing on the 3 week mark for the trainwreck of a government shutdown.  And here is were we’re starting to see the seams come undone. A payperiod has passed by, and government workers are feeling the heat.  I have trouble believing that ALL of these people are prepared to make the necessary adjustments and have Trump’s back on this.  But the thing is, Trump isn’t on the path to some big victory here.  Quit the opposite.  Republican leaders are calling on Trump to let this go.  So who is this for anymore?  I’ll tell you!  Fox News!  The unofficial echo chamber of the White House!  They’re the only ones still egging Trump on with this border wall.  They’re the ones that keep goading him to stick to his guns.  Between Sean Hannity and Lou Dobbs, the Fox wall of propaganda is keeping the pressure alive, and I get the feeling that he’ll keep fighting as long as they keep pushing.  So get ready for a the long haul folks, because I don’t know that Sean Hannity even knows how to chill the hell out.

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