Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy

big pimpin1

I feel like Rudy Giuliani has really completed the sitcom feel of the White House.  He’s the Barney Fife to Trump’s Andy Griffith, the Kramer to his Seinfeld.  He goes on TV and says something dumb or regrettable Trump has an “Oh Rudy!” Moment, and the nation has a good laugh as we all continue watching him steer us toward Armageddon.   The thing of it is, Michael Avenatti seems to be getting ammunition out of Giuliani’s interviews, and I think Giuliani kind of knows it.  Avenatti squarely said that he’d love to have a conversation with Giuliani, on whatever network he chooses, under fair conditions for both parties.  Giuliani though was having none of it.  He called Avenatti a pimp and said that he didn’t involve himself with pimps!  Considering his stance on paying people off on behalf of clients, I don’t know if I believe him.

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