Nazis are Bad

SUN Can't say it1

Barack Obama has come back to the political scene and he’s finally willing to say all the things a lot of us were hoping he wood.  During a speech he gave to the University of Illinois, he talked about the state of political discourse, and finally was willing to call out Trump by name.  I can applaud his decision up until now to try and stay above the fray, but right now especially, his voice is an important one in remind the country, and indeed the world, in who we were before things got where they are.  That’s not to say they weren’t heading that way during his time as POTUS.  Indeed, I would argue that Trump’s victory was the culmination of years divisiveness finally exploding into what we have.  But listening to Obama’s measured, thought out words reminded me and many that we’re supposed to be better.  And maybe gave me hope that we can be.  Because maybe it is time to make America great again, but not by building walls to keep away the other.  But by building bridges to extend a hand outward.  He also reminded us all that it just shouldn’t be that hard to say Nazis are bad.

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