Presidential Harassment

Presidential Harrassment1

It’s always weird when Donald Trump goes off on one of his childish rants.  It’s just unusual, no matter how many times it happens, to see a grown man, especially one in his 70s, whine like a spoiled 4-year-old.  And make no mistake, every time he suggests that he’s the most victimized victim to ever be victimed, that is EXACTLY what he sounds like.  Here stand Donald Trump, a man who has lived his life at the pinnacle of privilege, claiming that people are being too mean, too unfair to him.  He claims that people shouldn’t be allowed to engage in “presidential harassment.”  Really?  He didn’t seem to take issue with it for the better part of a decade when he harassed Barack Obama about his citizenship.  Harassing people he doesn’t like or agree with is how he has spent the better part of his presidency, and now he is calling foul now that the idea of people really looking into his shady practices is looking to be a reality.  But I think most of us can see this for the sham that it is: the gasps of a desperate imbecile.

Nazis are Bad

SUN Can't say it1

Barack Obama has come back to the political scene and he’s finally willing to say all the things a lot of us were hoping he wood.  During a speech he gave to the University of Illinois, he talked about the state of political discourse, and finally was willing to call out Trump by name.  I can applaud his decision up until now to try and stay above the fray, but right now especially, his voice is an important one in remind the country, and indeed the world, in who we were before things got where they are.  That’s not to say they weren’t heading that way during his time as POTUS.  Indeed, I would argue that Trump’s victory was the culmination of years divisiveness finally exploding into what we have.  But listening to Obama’s measured, thought out words reminded me and many that we’re supposed to be better.  And maybe gave me hope that we can be.  Because maybe it is time to make America great again, but not by building walls to keep away the other.  But by building bridges to extend a hand outward.  He also reminded us all that it just shouldn’t be that hard to say Nazis are bad.

Double Standard

Double Standard1

I know I’m not the first person to point this out, especially on this particular subject, but man…hypocrisy is a bad color on anyone, and you just can’t afford to express a roaringly loud double standard in the age where everything is archived and readily available.  Sean Hannity doesn’t get to blast Obama for conversing with dictators and giving them more time than our allies then defend Trump on the same count 5 years later and not be called on it.  He just can’t.  Because nothing is truly forgotten anymore.  Sean Hannity’s little man-crush on Trump shines all the brighter as a result.

Active Government

lazy government1

Barack Obama is busy working the private sector these days.  Last week, he was in Las Vegas, speaking at an IT type convention.  Nothing too terribly interesting was said, until he talked about the people’s perception of the government and their…energy towards doing their jobs.  In effect, he said that there was a public misconception that government workers are lazy.  He thinks this perception has more to do with how people get handled about standing in line at the DMV.  I would say the perception might also stem from Trump spending all his time at golf resorts, and reports that he spends a good part of the day watching TV and Tweeting.  I mean, he’s the President.  He is literally the posterchild for the perception of the government. Obama lovingly assure the people that the government is full of hard working people, but people will have a hard time swallowing it, when the guy holding the highest office in the land is so publicly lazy.

Thanks Obama!

Obama's fault1

In another example of ThaTrump either not realizing how long of memory Twitter has, or just not remembering he had a previous heated opinion on a matter, Trump, among his series of weekend, Fire Side Twitter Rants, blamed Obama for not attacking Syria and taking Assad out.  Of course, he completely forgot the Tweet he sent out in 2013, in all caps, in which he begged Obama not to attack Syria, saying it would be the worst thing he could possibly do.  At the same time, I know that Trump will never, ever address this apparent disparity in opinions.  We won’t get to see an entertaining dance explaining away why his opinions don’t clash. He’ll just pretend the disparity doesn’t exist.

The Real Russian Collusion

the real collusion1.jpg

So the Republicans and Right Wing Media outlets are really trying to push this narrative that the Russians colluded with the Democrats.  That THAT is the real story and not potential collusion with Trump. I mean they make a good point.  I mean, only by working with the Russians could they have tanked the 2016 elections so hard.  It’s a damn goofy claim that flies in the face evidence and…you know, reality?  I mean, I’m willing to take the word of right-wing armchair philosophers over a vast network of non-partisan intelligence gatherers whose job and expertise involve this very thing.

Most Admired Man

mirror mirror1

President Obama was named the most admired man by Gallup for the year 2017.  Trump is in rare company to be an incumbent President to not get that distinction. I can only imagine how that must rub the Donald the wrong way.