Active Government

lazy government1

Barack Obama is busy working the private sector these days.  Last week, he was in Las Vegas, speaking at an IT type convention.  Nothing too terribly interesting was said, until he talked about the people’s perception of the government and their…energy towards doing their jobs.  In effect, he said that there was a public misconception that government workers are lazy.  He thinks this perception has more to do with how people get handled about standing in line at the DMV.  I would say the perception might also stem from Trump spending all his time at golf resorts, and reports that he spends a good part of the day watching TV and Tweeting.  I mean, he’s the President.  He is literally the posterchild for the perception of the government. Obama lovingly assure the people that the government is full of hard working people, but people will have a hard time swallowing it, when the guy holding the highest office in the land is so publicly lazy.

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