Morning Meltdown


So, the midterms have come and gone, and the big story, pretty obviously, was flipping of the House of Representatives.  The Democrats now hold the majority, which, if we’re honest, was probably the best we could have hoped for.  But honestly, for me, the more entertaining news came the morning after.  Donald Trump tends to go a little train-wreck-y during press conferences, which is always fun to watch, but this time…It was something a little more.  I don’t know how to place it, because Donald Trump doesn’t have normal, human reactions to things.  His temper was short, and the totality of his bluster was just lots of shouting about how things were basically totally fine.  He really went to town on Jim Acosta, and then called a black, female, journalist from PBS, by the name of Yamiche Alcindor, a racist for asking about the empowering effect to White Supremacists of Trump referring to himself as a nationalist.  He talked about war stances and threatened everyone under the sun who might possibly investigate him.  He was pretty clearly having a moment of reflection at the worst possible time, and I think he came to some troubling realizations.  Also, no one seems to have told Trump that the House basically has carte blanche to ask for any tax returns they want.  So yeah.  It’s been an interesting week.

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