Mexican Standoff

threatening war1

So, Donald Trump is once again threatening to go to war with the Democrats should they seek to investigate him come January, which is for 1: Super shady (I mean, how guilty does someone look when you threaten retaliation for just looking around and asking questions), and for 2: Weird.  I say weird because he’s threatening to declassify damaging information about the Dems, but if he has such damaging information, why wouldn’t he just go ahead and declassify it?  I mean, he takes every opportunity to call the Dems criminals and monsters who want to destroy the country, if he had actual evidence to support that allegation or just something to make them look as bad as he wants them to look, I’d think he’d jump at the opportunity to make it public.  There isn’t a person alive who could convince me that he’s just being discreet, or that Trump weighs broader implications of such an action, because of COURSE HE DOESN’T.  He keeps trying to find ways to accuse his political rivals of treason! Trump doesn’t want balance, he wants an uncontested narrative. So yeah, not convinced he has some bombshell documents that will dismantle the Democrats.  The fact that Democrats don’t seem even remotely unsettled, unlike Trump, who seems near constantly unsettled, also speaks to that hypothesis.

Morning Meltdown


So, the midterms have come and gone, and the big story, pretty obviously, was flipping of the House of Representatives.  The Democrats now hold the majority, which, if we’re honest, was probably the best we could have hoped for.  But honestly, for me, the more entertaining news came the morning after.  Donald Trump tends to go a little train-wreck-y during press conferences, which is always fun to watch, but this time…It was something a little more.  I don’t know how to place it, because Donald Trump doesn’t have normal, human reactions to things.  His temper was short, and the totality of his bluster was just lots of shouting about how things were basically totally fine.  He really went to town on Jim Acosta, and then called a black, female, journalist from PBS, by the name of Yamiche Alcindor, a racist for asking about the empowering effect to White Supremacists of Trump referring to himself as a nationalist.  He talked about war stances and threatened everyone under the sun who might possibly investigate him.  He was pretty clearly having a moment of reflection at the worst possible time, and I think he came to some troubling realizations.  Also, no one seems to have told Trump that the House basically has carte blanche to ask for any tax returns they want.  So yeah.  It’s been an interesting week.

Paul Ryan’s Send Off

sinking ship1

So Paul Ryan is retiring.  Well, more specifically, he’s not seeking re-election, which is basically the same thing.  He talks a big game about wanting to settle down, raise his kids, and just move forward knowing he’s accomplished the things he’s want to accomplish, which was apparently to screw over just as many old and poor people as he possibly could.  But it’s hard to not to see it as a well time escape.  A jumping ship move, or to quote Douglas Adams, “So long and thanks for all the fish!”.  It’s hard to argue that the Republicans aren’t in something of a politically turbulent time right now, and how that’s going to shake out in the coming weeks and months must be on the forefront of Ryan’s mind.  I wonder if he’ll be getting out soon enough?

Public Health Emergency

Public Health emergency1

The Florida House of Representatives has declared Pornography a health risk.  The bill, which was voted on and passed, took precedence over state gun control legislation, which some might argue, is a bit more urgent in light of recent events.  But no, the Florida legislature might be going to war with porn, which is, if nothing else, entertaining.

Benefits of the new Tax Bill

tax bill benefits1

The justification for this scam of a tax bill is that the permanent corporate tax cuts will incentivize corporations to make new big investments spurring salary increases and new jobs.  And I keep reading articles that have company heads and CEOs claiming that this will in no way make them interested in doing that.  They’ll mostly use the breaks to do what they’ve always done: boost shareholder profits.  So I find it awfully bold for people like Paul Ryan to insist that corporations will absolutely do something that they have no financially good reason to do.