Turning the Crowd

audience turnaround1

I feel like I’ve had a lot to say in regards to Fox News over the last couple of years.  As an organization, I think they are unethical, overly biased, and unscrupulous.  Their ratings drivers are not journalists, they’re con artists and snake oil salesmen.  So when their message falls on deaf ears, it’s a good day for the country.  Take their most recent snafu.  They conducted a poll of their audience asking how they felt about raising taxes for wealthier Americans.  Their expectation was that the sage Reagan wisdom of Trickle Down economics would shine through, but recent challenges to that logic, by people such as Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, using history as a lesson, wherein high percentage taxes to wealthy Americans preceded and accompanied our countries most significant economic growth, have begun to shake the faith in the conservative talking point.  Indeed, 70% of the people interviewed in the poll thought that people making over $10 million per year should pay higher taxes.  And 65% thought the same thing for people bringing in over $1 million a year.  Talking over themselves, the talking heads suggested that it’s just the result of brainwashing the idea of fairness into people.  I like to think people, when given the right information, know how to listen.

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