The Truth About Nationalism

nationalist explanation1

So, Donald Trump called himself a “Nationalist” on Monday night, and naturally, the left went nuts because of it.  And I can see why.  The word “nationalist” has connotations leading to racism, with many far right folks often identified as “White Nationalists”. But it’s important to note that it’s unfair to claim that Donald Trump is a racist simply because he self identifies as a nationalist.  It is fair to claim that it makes him a Xenophobe and an isolationist, but being a nationalist DOES NOT mean he’s a racist.  The way he treats people of color and his policies that show he only cares about White People is what make him a racist. Because he is still definitely a racist. The way he talks about people from predominantly non-white countries, his dog whistles towards White Supremacists during his campaign, and his reluctance to condemn the White Supremacists who give him support are the obvious examples.  If you did research, you can find examples of him and his family’s racist tendencies in the way they treated black tenants in their properties as far back as the 1970s.  Now, some might say “is the distinction between racist and nationalist REALLY that important?”  and to that I have to argue YES.  Yes it is.  Because the fact that Donald Trump identifies as a nationalist is bad for reasons completely separate from his racism.  His nationalism is already to leading to policies and actions that are damaging our relationships to the rest of the world, and with world that gets more interconnected by the day, having a leader who wants to focus only on our borders, and create an “us” versus “them” scenario, with “them” being 7.3 billion people…well nothing good comes of that.

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