The Popular Kids

popular kids1

The G20 summit happened over the weekend, the international economic convention between member nations, and if you asked Donald Trump, he was the shining master of amazing, all closing deals, kickin’ butt and taking names.  In fact, for those that did ask Donald Trump, that’s basically exactly as he characterized it.  What that mostly means for the rest of us, is that Trump didn’t royally screw anything up, avoided any major snafus (I mean, you still had fun little moments like him saying “Get me out of here!” to an aid over a hot mic, after shaking hands with the leader of Argentina), and was treated like the annoying kid that all the other kids humored so they wouldn’t get yelled at by their parents.  That’s not to say Trump didn’t get anything done.  He apparently got the new NAFTA deal signed, and pretended to reach ceasefire in our trade war with China, but make no mistake.  These aren’t great victories, especially the landmark, remembered for all time kind of wins that Trump is claiming they are.  They are steps toward backtracking some of the biggest mistakes Trump made out of the gate.  And honestly, I would be far more impressed with his performance at the G20 if he would’ve been able to admit that his victories are only victories insofar as he was cleaning up problems that he made in the first place.  Regardless, one thing is for certain, Donald Trump isn’t the admired cool kid of the world stage that he pretends to be, and we all know it.

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