The Grand Parade

Big Parade1

So Trump wants a big, opulent military parade, and I feel almost weird talking about it, because you just know that Trump is looking forward to calling a bunch of people out for not supporting the troops by acknowledging how bad it looks.  Because a grand parade for the Military isn’t about the soldiers.  It’s a display of power.  He’s not celebrating a holiday, or emphasizing a victory.  He’s just flexing muscles. It’s a political body building contest.  But Trump is savvy and duplicitous enough to turn that on it’s ear and stoke the rage flames from all of those who don’t see this move for what it is.  Because the fact is that when people think of big military parades, people think of goose stepping Nazis and whatever that weird march step that the North Koreans do is.  Make no mistake, this is just one more divide in the body of bipartisanship.

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