Art of the Deal

Art of the Deal1

The European Union seems to have read the book Trump didn’t actually write.  They’re basically willing to walk away from the negotiating table for anyone not taking part in the Paris agreement.  With all his talk about the bad deal the US was getting, and by pulling out, Trump would have the whole world eating out of the palm of our hands, I have to wonder what such a bold declaration by the EU would make Trump do behind closed doors?  I’m sure he’s going to come out and say this was either part of the plan or that this is just a non-problem and even a good thing, because who wanted to trade with literally everyone anyway?  I mean, he’s alienating us from China, Mexico, and Canada one by one, and now all of Europe is getting ready to say no thanks.  At what point are we going to stop pretending that he’s the best deal maker around?

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