The Truth About Climate Change

Climate Change facts1

So, Scott Pruitt, the head of the EPA under Trump has been an outspoken climate denier forever.  It’s almost certainly why he was chosen for his post, and frankly, him having the position is a total joke.  But even he can’t help but recognize certain things from his vantage, and it seems like he’s starting to change his tune on the existence of climate change, but instead of using that information to make reasonable decisions, he’s now taking another tact.  He’s claiming that the warming climate isn’t NECESSARILY a bad thing.  And that we don’t know what the optimal climate for the planet is, that all we have is conjecture.  Which is crap.  We absolutely have a pretty clear picture of how things shake out with the continued heating of the planet, and to say we don’t is either stupid or dishonest.  He’s basically turning into a Captain Planet villain.

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