The Emperor’s New Wall

the Emperor's New Wall1

Donald Trump is trying really hard to convince people that his border wall is both paid for, and under construction.  Now, if you take any cursory look at the facts, than you’d know that it isn’t true.  It’s not a difficult thing to disprove.  And yet his base doesn’t seem to care.  The Huffington Post recently did an article talking to Trump supporters about their belief in Trump’s lies over the border wall.  Most of them either believed him regardless of the evidence, choosing rather to believe that Trump is more reliable than reality, or they just didn’t care.  They didn’t care that he was lying about the border wall, because it’s the lie they want to hear, and the lie, I suppose, is better than nothing, I guess?  I don’t know.  Their responses were baffling.  It goes to show that in Donald Trump’s war on Truth, he’s made more headway than we seem ready to admit.  And when truth ceases to matter, than we are all in a lot of trouble.

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